Of the 2 phones, the iPhone XR features a larger vi.1-inch show. Despite this but, the XR’s slimmer bezels mean that the physical footprint of the phone is really smaller than the iPhone eight and, and it’s lighter further.

iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus
iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus

iPhone eight and
The iPhone eight series retains the house button.

Sarah Tew/CNET
The iPhone XR conjointly comes in six colours, as well as a spirited red, blue, yellow and coral on prime of the quality black and white. The iPhone eight and, on the opposite hand, solely comes in 3 color variants: white, black and gold.

But notwithstanding it lacks further color choices, the iPhone eight and features a few style benefits. Its smaller five.5-inch show is really cheater than the iPhone XR: it’s the next resolution and a lot of pixels-per-inch (for the precise specs, examine the specification chart below). and in contrast to the iPhone XR, there is not any notch on the iPhone eight and, and it retains a classic home button, that doubles as a fingerprint scanner.

Whether or not the iPhone eight Plus’ home button is taken into account a plus is up to your personal preference, though. The button is acquainted, and allows you to simply faucet to come back home and double-tap to decision up recent apps. while not the house key, the iPhone XR integrates swiping gestures for navigation instead. this could take your time to be told, however it is easy to adapt to once a short time.

Camera: FaceID or twin rear cameras?
The iPhone XR features a front-facing camera which will sense depth and map your face. owing to this, you’ll unlock your phone or authorize saved passwords with FaceID rather than a fingerprint and you’ll create animated emojis that mirror your facial movements.

iPhone XR photos, and the way Portrait Mode works
Unlike alternative iPhone X-series phones, the XR does not have a secondary pic rear lens further. meaning there is not any 2x optical zoom (it uses a digital zoom instead) and Portrait photos square measure rendered through software; not increased with the zoom lens.

Though I expected the eight and to require higher photos given its dual-camera setup, photos soft on the XR looked cheater and a lot of spirited. that does not mean the eight and may be a slouch, however I will perceptibly see details within the XR that the eight and managed to smudge out a touch.

iPhone eight and
The iPhone eight and has 2 cameras on the rear. however will it take higher photos than the XR?

Sarah Tew/CNET
And despite the fact that it renders its Portrait photos with one lens, the impact appearance even as smart, if not higher on the XR than it will on the eight and. On the XR, the fallout between the fore- and background is swish, skin tones square measure a lot of realistic and also the blur impact appearance natural.

Zooming 2x on a scene with the XR conjointly worked even as well because the eight Plus’ pic zoom. Objects clear and tiny details, just like the lines of tree bark or individual leaves that fell on the bottom, had finer lines and focus.

Also note that whereas each phones have studio lighting effects for the rear camera(s), the eight and does not not have it for its front-facing camera.

Performance: The iPhone XR’s processor and battery square measure higher
My day-after-day handling of each iPhones did not show any discernible variations in speed, and once it came to daily tasks like launching apps and firing up the camera, each phones looked as if it would perform as fleetly because the alternative.

But the iPhone XR is so quicker on paper, due to its a lot of advanced A12 processor (the iPhone eight and has last year’s A11 chipset). examine the benchmarks below:

3DMARK violent storm UNLIMITED
Apple iPhone XR
Apple iPhone eight and
NOTE: Longer bars indicate higher performance
Apple iPhone XR
Apple iPhone eight and
NOTE: Longer bars indicate higher performance
Apple iPhone XR
Apple iPhone eight and
NOTE: Longer bars indicate higher performance
Clocking a mean of nineteen hours and fifty three minutes in our laboratory tests for continuous video playback on heavier-than-air craft mode, the iPhone XR had the most effective battery lifetime of this year’s iPhones. as compared, the iPhone eight and lasted thirteen hours and forty five minutes. This discrepancy is probably going thanks to a bump in battery capability for the XR. although Apple doesn’t make sure these specs, the iPhone XR features a larger a pair of,942mAh battery compared to the iPhone eight Plus’ a pair of,675mAh battery.

Other things to consider: capability, dual-SIM and 3D bit
Capacity: The iPhone eight and comes in 2 memory capacities, 64GB and 256GB. Meanwhile, the iPhone XR features a third memory choice of 128GB. this can be ordinarily thought of to be the “sweet spot” as way as storage goes. whereas 64GB might not be enough to carry all of your photos and 4K videos, 256GB is also too extravagant. therefore it is important to notice that the iPhone XR has AN choice of one thing in between.
Dual-sim capabilities: unaccustomed iPhones this year is dual-sim capabilities. meaning you’ll manage 2 completely different phone numbers on an equivalent iPhone XR, employing a nano-SIM and e-SIM. For a lot of info, examine CNET’s dual-SIM and eSIM list here.
3D Touch: The iPhone eight Plus’ screen is pressure-sensitive, and features a feature referred to as 3D bit. By sound a shade more durable together with your finger, you’ll preview links, apps and messages before gap them. except for some things that you simply will long-press (like the camera and torch shortcuts), the iPhone XR doesn’t have this feature for the foremost half.
You can have 2 phone numbers on the iPhone XR.

Angela Lang/CNET
Price: Is it worthwhile to shop for the cheaper iPhone eight Plus?
Taking of these completely different options under consideration, you’ll need to weigh for yourself whether or not or not the iPhone eight Plus’ new cheaper tag is price going for. Apple knocked off $100, £100 and AU$80 from the launch worth of the eight and, which implies that the phone is currently $50, £50 and AU$80 cheaper than the iPhone XR.

The iPhone XR (left) and also the eight and.

Angela Lang/CNET
Is saving an additional $50 price a shorter battery life, a less advanced processor and camera, and no dual-SIM capabilities? My short answer isn’t any. although you will be “gaining” a second 12-megapixel rear camera and a home button, I do believe the $50 is definitely worth the XR’s benefits.

That may not be faithful everybody although. And if having a home button makes the iPhone eight and significantly appealing, bear in mind that sticking out to options just like the home button and also the fingerprint reader for the nowadays is delaying the inevitable. With alternative phones adopting screen notches, animated emoji and face unlock, the iPhone XR may be a continuous iteration of Apple’s approaching iPhones. Considering how briskly the phone trade and its technologies move, not solely can you get the newest hardware for $50 a lot of, however the iPhone XR ensures that you will be a lot of acclimated to future technology than with the iPhone eight and.



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