Hewlett Packard Enterprise needs new supercomputer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise needs new supercomputer

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, to not be confused with the non-public computing complete from that it split in 2015, aforementioned these days that it noninheritable Cray, associate degree painting maker of supercomputers with a fashionable history within the computing trade. The deal is claimed to be valued at $1.3 billion.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise needs new supercomputer
Hewlett Packard Enterprise needs new supercomputer

Cray, that was based in 1972 by “the father of supercomputing,” queen Cray, is presently narrowed to make 2 of the world’s quickest supercomputers for 2 North American nation Department of Energy Labs: the Oak Ridge National Laboratory and therefore the Meuse-Argonne operation National Laboratory. each systems, one referred to as Frontier being inbuilt partnership with AMD and one referred to as Aurora with Intel, square measure secure to bring questionable “exascale” performance, with raw performance power of the surplus of one.5 exfaflops, or a large integer calculations per second.

COMPUTING companies square measure sport to achieve EXASCALE PERFORMANCE, OR A large integer OPERATIONS PER SECOND
Such exascale mainframe systems don’t nevertheless exist, and it is sensible HPE would wish its own stake in coming “exascale opportunities,” that the corporate says there’s a growing market of primarily government contracts, presently calculable at $4 billion over successive half-decade. Currently, IBM is that the maker of the world’s 2 quickest supercomputers, Summit and Sierra.

“Answers to a number of society’s most pressing challenges square measure buried in large amounts of information,” HPE CEO Antonio Neri aforementioned during a statement. “Only by process and analyzing this information can we have a tendency to be ready to unlock the answers to vital challenges across medication, global climate change, area and a lot of. Cray could be a international technology leader in supercomputing and shares our deep commitment to innovation. By combining our first groups and technology, we’ll have the chance to drive successive generation of high performance computing and play a very important half in advancing the approach folks live and work.”

Supercomputers of this scale is massively useful to data-intensive industries like physical science, climate science, medicine, neurobiology, and physics. progressively, these systems is employed in computing analysis, which, in turn, will facilitate accelerate several alternative areas of scientific inquiry. That said, a mainframe like Aurora or Frontier tends solely to be designed and supported by the govt. for, a minimum of at the start, military applications.

The US, China, Japan, and alternative countries square measure presently fast during a race to be the primary to achieve exascale performance, with China wanting sort of a favorite to hit the milestone by 2020. America’s second-fastest unit, Sierra, is additionally regular to be air gapped (disconnected from the skin world) next year, therefore it is place to use managing the country’s nuclear arsenal.

That’s to not say supercomputers aren’t being employed for grander research project. Meuse-Argonne operation National Laboratory’s letter, for example, is presently being employed to perform with-it neurobiology analysis involving the mapping of gnawer brains. however very like science-based races that saw the primary satellites and, eventually, manned area missions, the type of raw benchmark-chasing with the exascale race is sometimes reserved for international competition among federal agencies.

Thankfully, over time, these coming exascale supercomputers can probably be free of the military equipment and place to figure divining new insights from information. in line with HPE, the acquisition of Cray is primarily to assist it gain a foothold in AI analysis and therefore the hardware needed to coach ever-larger neural nets.

Source : https://www.theverge.com/2019/5/17/18629716/hpe-cray-acquisition-supercomputers-exascale-performance-deal


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